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The Muckleburgh Military Collection Museum offers rides in a military vehicle and hosts "tank driving" (the FV432 tracked vehicles).
Among the 25 working tanks are Panzer P-68, Chieftain and Stuart M5A1, Soviet T-55 and Canadian-built Sherman tank.


Those marked # are not currently on display

Click on any of the Green Links (below) to view a description and specification of the Vehicle or Gun



A34 Comet
A41 Centurion Mk5

AMX 13
Centurion ARRV
Churchill Mk7
FV 101 Scorpion CVR(T)
FV 4201 Chieftain Mk5
FV 433 Abbott 105mm SPG (two)
FV 432 APC
FV 434 ARV
FV 438 Swingfire
M 24 Chaffee
M 47 Patton
M16A2 White with Maxson quad 50 calibre MG
M29 Cargo Carrier (Weasel)
M4A1 Sherman (Grizzly)
M5A1 Stuart (Honey)
MT 55 Bridgelayer
Panzer PZ61
# Panzer PZ68
Sexton 25Pdr SP
T 34/85 MBT
T 55 MBT
Tracked Rapier SAM Launcher M74B
Universal Carrier No2 Mk1
# ZSU-23-4 Shilka Anti-aircraft


Daimler Armoured Car Mk1
Daimler Mk2 Scout Car (Dingo)
Ferret Mk1/2 (two)
FV1611 Humber Mk2 (Pig)
FV601 Alvis Saladin Mk2
FV620 Alvis Stalwart Mk1 (two)
Landsverk Unimog Scout Car
M3A1 White Scout Car
M8 Greyhound
Saracen APC Mk1



105 mm Field Gun
105 mm L3A1 Pack Howitzer
12 Pdr Naval Gun Mk5
106mm Recoiless Rifle
13 Pdr Field Gun
Argentine CITEFA 155 mm Field Gun M-77
# M1 155 mm Long Tom
17 Pdr 3 Inch Anti-tank
# 18 Pdr Field Gun
2 Pdr Anti-tank (two)
25 Pdr Field Gun & Limber
3.7 inch Anti-aircraft
4.5 inch QF Howitzer
40 mm Bofors L70 (two)
5.5 Inch Howitzer
57 mm AZP S-60 Anti-aircraft
6 Pdr Anti-tank
7 Pdr Mark IV Armstrong Cannon
88 mm Flack 37
FH 70 155 Field Howitzer
Flak 20 RH 202 (Rheinmetall)
M1 155 mm Howitzer
M56 105 mm Pack Howitzer
Single 14.5 mm ZPU1
Twin 14.5 mm ZPU2 (two)
Quad 14.5 mm ZPU4
106 Recoiless Rifle


# 10 KVA Generator
# Orme-Evans No1 Mk1 Airborne Trailer
# Albion 10TonGS Workshop
Austin 8 Staff Car
# Austin K5 GSA
# Austin K6 Breakdown Gantry
# Bedford 3 Ton QL
# Bedford Radio Van
# Brockhouse 20 ton Trailer
# Cranes 7.5 ton Trailer
# M416 Mutt Trailer
# M19 Gama Goat (three)
# M43 Dodge Ambulance
# Austin 12 Saloon Car
Austin K2 Ambulance
DKW Munga
90cm Searchlight
BSA M20 Motor Cycle
# Cable Trailer
Chevrolet C8AT Portee
Diamond T 981 Prime Mover
Diamond T 967 Wrecker
Ford GPA (Amphibian)
Ford WOT 2
# Ford WOT 6
M9 Rogers 45 Ton Trailer
GMC CCKW 352 (Jimmy)
Godiva Coventry Climax mobile Fire Pump
Godiva Coventry Climax Fire Pump
Leyland DAF GS
Leyland Hippo Mk2
Morris Commercial C8 FAT Mk3 (Quad)
Praga 8 ton Mobile Crane
SV/25 Scammel Pioneer
Willys GPW (Jeep)
# Russian ZIL 131 Water Tanker
# Fire Hose Reel Tender (two)

Bren Gun Carrier

9K11 Malyutka (AT-3 SAGGER)
9M113 Konkurs Wire-guided AT
9M37M Strella 10 SAM
Bristol Bloodhound Mk2
English Electric Thunderbird Mk2
Replica Fieseler Fi 103 (V1 Doodlebug) with a section of the original Peenemünde launch ramp
9K35 Strela10 SAM( SA-13 “Gopher”)  
Javelin LML trainer
Rapier Mk2 Launcher (& 15 test Missiles)

# Anti Aircraft Fire Control No3 MkVII
Cymbeline mortar locating radar
# Green Archer mortar locating radar
# Local warning Anti aircraft No4 Mk7
# No11 Target Surveillance (Big Ears)
# No12 Height Finder (Noddy)
# Type 65 (two)
Type 85
# Type 88 Target Surveillance

Small Arms at Muckleburgh


Link to Weapons List

Shells and Ammunition at Muckleburgh


Link to Shells and Ammunition List

BAE Systems Phoenix UAV (drone)
Hawker Harrier GR1
OQ-19D Radioplane/Northrop Shelduck (drone)

There is an extensive range of rifles, machine guns, pistols and mortars together with examples of deactivated ammunition
and shells used in most of the weapons and guns in The Collection.
A wide range of swords, bayonets and knives are on display together with a variety of gas masks.

The collection of some thousands of uniforms, clothing and headwear covers periods from prior to WWI to the present time.
In addition there are supporting items such as medals, cap badges, insignia, belts and bags together with much of their contents.
Almost all of the uniform collection is held in store and is not on display.  


The paintings and prints near the Café cover images of ground and air conflicts from WW2 to recent times. Many were painted by well known military artists and include the signatures of famous wartime leaders and airmen of the day.

Scale Models at Muckleburgh

The extensive model collection covers land warfare from the 14th to the 20th Centuries including The Battle of Waterloo and settings depicted during WW1 and WW2. There are many examples of vehicles and equipment used by armies from around the world. The naval and maritime models, all made to a 1/96 scale, were especially commissioned and number over 50 from the 19th Century to recent times. There is also a specific display of all the RAF aircraft used in Norfolk together with their squadron and airfield location. 
Link to Models List

Though the generosity of many donors The Collection has accumulated hundreds of photographs, letters and documents relating to military history. These include diaries and personal memorabilia. Regrettable these items are not catalogued but focus on military service given by those from East Anglia. Some examples are on display in the Weybourne Room to portray life at Weybourne Camp from WWI to the end of the years of National Service in the late 1950’s. 

OQ-19D Radioplane/Northrop Shelduck Target Drone with Marilyn Munroe

OQ-19D Radioplane/Northrop Shelduck Target Drone with Marilyn Munroe

Marilyn Munroe - Drone Link

Correct to June 2014

The Muckleburgh Military Collection


The Collection on Display
A tour of the Collection can take many hours if every vehicle history and exhibit description is studied so allow plenty of time for your visit.

The following overview of each Hall is intended to illustrate some of the exhibits on view.

The Weybourne Room
The Weybourne room traces the history of the Weybourne Military Camp and Village from the Roman occupation to the years of National Service. Prior to the Spanish Armada in 1588 the Weybourne area was heavily fortified for fear of invasion due to the ease of landing with deep water by the shore. The Camp was twice visited by Winston Churchill in 1941 immediately after the Dunkirk evacuation when British defences were on high alert. These events and many photographs record the Camp’s vital importance in the defence of Britain.

The Diorama at Muckleburgh the Military Collection

Diorama Display

Visitors, especially children, can experience being in an Anderson Shelter and wearing a gas mask. There are collections of Trench Art, cap badges, swords and bayonets, in addition to machine guns and assault weapons. Nazi memorabilia and artefacts from the First Gulf War give an insight of life in those times.

The Blitz, The Home Guard and the Home Front are depicted by small diorama as well as an exhibit of the RAF Air Sea Rescue Service who saved so many downed pilots and aircrew in WW2.

Click here for close ups of the Diorama

The Yeomanry Room
The history of the Suffolk and Norfolk Yeomanry is displayed, from the raising of the Norfolk Rangers in 1782 by Viscount Townshend of Raynham, to the present No. 202 Battery based at Swaffham.

Visitor’s attention is drawn to some of the fine early uniforms and regimental banners, the first of which dates from the reign of George III. Helmets, jackets and a life size wooden replica of "Copenhagen", the Duke of Wellington's horse, compliment the Room which was officially opened by Lord Leicester in 1991.

Acknowledgement is due to the late Col. John Boag OBE, MC, TD, DL, JP who was responsible for compiling the history of the Yeomanry and its documentation.

The Artillery Hall
The display of over twenty five guns range from a 13 Pounder Field Gun and 4.5 Inch Howitzer used in WW1 to a huge 155 mm Field Gun used by the Argentine forces  during the Falklands War. Other weapons include the 25 Pounder Field Gun that was so successful in the North African Campaign in 1940/43 and a current 105mm Light Gun used in Bosnia, Iraqi and latterly Afghanistan.

The Hall also includes an exhibit of the Royal Flying Corp in WW1 and models of the aircraft, giving their squadrons and bases, located in Norfolk during WW2 and until the present time.

The Dawson Hall
This Hall is named after Harry Dawson a local District and Parish Councillor for over 40 years, who gave his support in the formation of The Muckleburgh Military Collection and who was a tank driver with the Royal Tank Regiment in WW2.

On show are the huge vehicles used to transport, service and recover tanks. There are also a wide range of support vehicles and recently added is the air defence Bloodhound and Thunderbird (to be installed in 2013) missiles on their launchers.

The Medmenham Collection
Situated just off the Main Battle Tank Hall, The Medmenham Collection tells the story of aerial reconnaissance during WW2 and the Cold War. On display are some of the cameras and equipment used in addition to 3D photographs of sites targeted and bombed. High altitude photographs of areas of conflict show how intelligence was gathered.

The Rob and Gussie Tank Hall
Named after Rob Curson, a former Desert Rat, who has made generous donations to Muckleburgh to help build two of the Halls. On display is memorabilia of his time in service during WW2.

This Hall enables visitors to get close to the huge Main Battle Tanks. They include the famous British Centurion and Chieftain as well as American and Soviet tanks. Suspended above them is a Phoenix reconnaissance drone used by the British Army in Bosnia and Iraqi.

These vehicles are maintained in working order and may often be used during Muckleburgh Display Days. For their own safety visitors are requested not to climb on any of the vehicles.

Pictures and Prints
In the corridor, before reaching the Café, visitors can see a large number of pictures and prints painted by Britain’s finest military artists. They cover many air and land warfare conflicts and often bear the names and signatures of the famous who were involved.

The corridor also gives access to the Play, Picnic and Tank Demonstration viewing areas in a fine sea setting looking out to the Sheringham Shoal wind farm.

The Café
Visitors can take a break during the tour by relaxing in the café whose menu offers a choice of hot and cold meals, teas and snacks. In the café can be seen the Muckleburgh Mural a forty foot long painting of the evolution of British tanks. From WW1’s Mark V to today’s Challenger they are illustrated in settings of their time.

Suspended above the tables is a Shelduck radio controlled drone as used at Weybourne Camp for anti-aircraft gun target practice in the 1940’s. It is the forebear of today’s modern drones that are used in conflicts around the world.

The Model Room
A two hundred piece collection of ammunition, rockets and missiles gives visitors a good perspective of the ordnance use in WW1, WW2 and many subsequent wars. All have been tested inert and they include some of the shells used in many of the guns on display in the Museum.

The Land Warfare and Aviation models range from 1st century to more recent conflicts. Some of these fine and unique models are based upon photographic records of the time. They show aircraft, vehicles and soldiers in action and were made over many years by model makers Geoff Schaffer and Ian Threadgold.

The ship model display is a fine collection of naval and maritime vessels built to a scale of 1:96 by Wyndham Williams from original drawings. They were commissioned by Muckleburgh to cover the history of naval warfare from the 1890’s to recent times. The maritime vessels range from Cutty Sark to an oil rig and tanker to give comparison of their relative sizes.

The Central Hall
Located in the kitchen of the old Camp NAAFI this Hall contains a collection of armoured cars, troop carriers and support vehicles from many nations. They include an example of the K2 Ambulance (known as a “Katy”) driven by Princess Elizabeth  (HM The Queen) when in the Auxiliary Territorial Service (ATS) during WW2.

From the famous American Jeep to the Humber Pig used in Northern Ireland these vehicles illustrate the equipment used by many servicemen over the years. Kept in working order they are occasionally taken out to display their road and cross country ability.

The Anti-Aircraft Hall
The Hall is headed by a "state of readiness" board, showing the comparison of the RAF's strength in 1940 to that of the German Luftwaffe together with another board showing the losses on both sides.

Anti-aircraft guns include a Rheinmetal 20mm used by the Argentine forces in the Falklands War and some of the ZPU's used by the Iraqis to defend Kuwait City during their occupation in the Gulf War.

A WW2 Searchlight, one of four in the Collection, standing on its original caterpillar tracks illustrates the difficulty of defending Britain during The Blitz.

The Curson Tank Hall
Opened in 2001 with support from Robert Curson this Tank Hall contains a collection of eight working tanks ranging from the American Sherman to the Soviet T34 which helped determine the outcome of WW2.

The famous German Flack 37 anti-aircraft gun shows why its 88mm calibre was so effective in an anti-tank role while the beloved Bren Gun Carrier and the powerful M16 American Half Track revive memories of those who served in many conflicts.

The Shop
As visitors complete their tour they exit through the Shop where they can browse through books, toys and gifts with a military theme. These have been selected to interest children and enthusiasts. On leaving the shop visitors can buy tickets to take a ride on a military vehicle for a tour of the old Camp site

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The Muckleburgh Military Collection